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SEE dances the stress away


SEE Tip: "Ditch the workout - join the party!" Zumba is for everyone and encourages people to get moving!  No dance experience necessary.  But does it work?

Yes!  A study at the University of Wisconsin confirmed that this party is a solid workout.  In fact, in an article about the study, lead researcher, Mary Luettgen had this to say about the results. “The surprising thing is that it doesn't matter what fitness level you’re at—our research shows that with Zumba everyone is working out at a zone that’s recommended for improving cardio health.  Both a fit person or a low-fitness person are going to get an equally good workout.”   So no matter your fitness level, you can benefit!

Get your week started off on the right foot and sweat tonight with SASH and PEEPs in 
Charles Commons Ballroom tonight at 9:30pm!  
Free pedometers will be given out to our participants.  
Move your body and see the steps add up!

HKB News: Speaking of exercise... exercise your right to vote this week by voting on the smoke free campus referendum through SGA elections.  Voting will be Thursday-Sunday!

Want to breathe smoke free air?  Vote for a smoke-free campus!  
Are you a current smoker and you're worried about what this will mean for you?  We will have resources to help you, as well!

Mellow Out Monday:  Stress levels got you down?  Take control by dancing it out!  Research has shown that dancing can be a great stress reliever.  So why not head to Zumba tonight at 9:30pm for a late night stress relief?  It's a good time, no judgments, no stress, just fun!

Can't make it to Charles Commons, but need a quick way to release stress.  Try a free, fast, and easy way to reduce stress-- and all you need to do is sit there.  Stop by the MSE on Q-level for a back rub from Stressbusters and feel your stress melt away.  Come by between 8-10pm for a 5 minute back rub and come out better for it.  Reduced stress levels will help you think better, sleep better, and overall feel better!