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PEEPs rundown: Spring Fair Tips


Spring is in the air! While the smell of cherry blossoms blooming is all around now, soon the scent of fried oreos will fill the Hopkins campus. That’s right, Spring Fair is coming. Between all the music, food, games, rides, beer, and shops, Spring Fair has something for everybody to enjoy. It’s a time to break away from studying and just indulge in festivities but among all the fun, it’s important to keep your health a priority. This weekend be sure to:

1. Know your limits -  the beer garden is filled with a great variety of beers but it can be easy to have a few too many. If you don’t know your limit, check out the Blood Alcohol Content cards on the CHEW website at http://www.jhu.edu/health/JHUBACCards.pdf

2. Use sunscreen – even if the weather is mild outside, it’s always important to put on sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 when you’re planning on being outside for a long period of time because UVA rays can still damage your skin even if you don’t feel like you’re burning. If you think you’ll forget, try finding a moisturizer that has sunscreen built inside and look for ingredients such as zinc, titanium dioxide, and avenobenzone which block UVA rays by remaining on the surface of your skin instead of getting absorbed into the body. Check out http://www.ewg.org/2012sunscreen/best-sunscreens/best-moisturizers-with-spf for a list of a ton of sunscreen moisturizers with price comparisons.

3. Control junk food portions – it’s really easy to want to eat everything from all the vendors on the freshman quad. This weekend is definitely a time to let loose a little but it’s still important to maintain good nutrition. Try being mindful about what you’re eating and check out http://eatingmindfully.com/mindful-eating-tools for some mindful eating information and tips. Have a cheat day, have a fried oreo, grab some ice cream and root beer from Wild Bills – have whatever you want, just mindfully and in moderation!

4. Take time to enjoy everything – classes are still going on but make sure you take time to have fun! Spring Fair only happens once a year, take the time to enjoy it with your friends and get away from the stress for a while.

If you’re still looking for some stress relief after Spring Fair ends, be sure to request Stressbusters to one of your events at http://www.jhustressbusters.com/request.html

Have a wonderful, safe, relaxing Spring Fair weekend! - From a PEEP