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Condom Misadventures

We often focus on the How To of using a condom, but let's take a minute to talk about how not to use a condom.  There are quite a few misuses out there leading to some inefficient condom usage-- let's get those mistakes out in the open and clear up any misunderstandings!

Here are some basics for how NOT to use a condom:

  • A condom is not a water balloon.  They are designed to stay in tact-- you are better off using cheaper, actual balloons.
  • A condom is not to be used after years of living in a wallet.  Find a cool, dry place for condom storage.
  • A condom is not to be used more than once.  You are already doing your part by using the condom!

  • A condom is not to be worn loosely.   A snug fit is a good fit.  It shouldn't be falling off or providing too much friction that can lead to damage.
  • A condom is not to be used past the expiration date.  
  • A condom is not to be opened with the teeth.  If you feel frisky, act it out with your partner, not the item that will protect you both.
  • A condom is not to be put on after sex has begun.  While better late than never is good.  Better protected than not is best.  Put the condom on before the sex gets going for the best protection.
  • A condom should not go up your nose.  Seriously. 

Aside from other issues, the girl in the video is unrolling the condom incorrectly making it that much harder.  This is something we commonly see at our demonstrations with students at JHU (and is seen at similar demonstrations across college campuses).  You can see which way the condom rolls for yourself and know what we mean when we say party hat vs. a wizard hat at an upcoming Hump Day soon or just ask a PEEP!