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St. Patty's to Spring Break- Keep it Safe


Time for Fun.

Time for Sun.

Time for Relaxation.

Time for you!

Isn't it about time??

Enjoy Spring break - you've earned it.  Just keep a few things in mind.

If you choose to drink, try to stay in the Blue Zone by doing things like alternating every other alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic beverage.

Just because it's a break doesn't mean the couch is your new BFF.  Go for a walk, check out an exercise class with a real life friend, or participate in a charity run/walk with family or your friends at the destination of your choice.

If you are traveling (though this also applies if you are at home with a group), stay with your same group of friends and check in with each other.  Stay safe together, have fun together.

Save your skin.  Apply sunblock.  Even if it's cloudy- you may be outside more this week than you normally are during school.  Let your skin enjoy it without having any regrets and slather some SPF on.

If you want to participate in St. Patrick's Day festivities, just take it easy throughout the day and if you choose to drink, remember to hydrate and enjoy some tasty Irish meals, too!

Most importantly, have a great week off from classes and relax!!