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SEE: A Nap A day...


SEE Tip:  Today is National Napping Day!  Do you take naps regularly?  Some people associate a stigma with napping, but naps have been proven to be healthy and beneficial.  In fact, large companies have been taking note of the importance of napping in the last few years.  Companies like Google and Nike have added napping areas to their list of employee benefits to help aid employee wellness and productivity.  

A short nap, around 20-30 minutes, can improve alertness and performance.  Naps should occur earlier in the day and not too close to your bed time to avoid any sleep issues.  Certainly, naps aren't for everybody.  Pay attention to your body and if you feel like you need a little dose of ZZZ's-- you know the signals, your eyes are drooping, your brain feels foggy, and you can't focus on the task at hand -- try to find a place that is comfortable and safe to doze.  (Wouldn't it be awesome if we had "quiet rooms" or "napping pods", too?)

Want to know more about napping, stop by Levering today from 12-1 to talk to the PEEPs about the benefits and how to add one to your day!

HKB Quit Tip: Want a reason to quit?  How about better sleep?  A recent study published in the Journal for Sleep Medicine found that smokers, as compared to non-smokers, showed a number of insomnia-like sleep impairments while being studied.  This included things like higher REM sleep density, sleep apnea, shorter sleeping periods, and leg movements while sleeping. Thinking about the pros and cons of quitting- you can add "better sleep" to the Pros list.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Sleepiness can lead to stress, especially when it's crunch time.  If you're tired and stressed, chances are your study skills or work abilities aren't going to be up to your usual standards.  Do yourself a favor, take a break, and take a nap.  Not only will you wake up refreshed, but studies have shown that stress levels go down after napping.  Don't let stress knock you out.  

Can't quite take a nap, but feeling too stressed to focus?  Stop by the MSE on Q-level for a back rub from one of our awesome Stressbusters anytime from 8pm-10pm tonight.  They are free and stress-free!