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SEE little changes, big differences


SEE tip: Research has shown that a total of 30 minutes of some sort of exercise in a day can improve health, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Whether a person spaces it out over 3-10 minute breaks in a day or even 10-3 minute breaks. It is all still beneficial and counts as getting it in!

Have 2 minutes to get in a set of push ups and high knees? Go for it! Use small bits of time in the day to benefit you and your body.

Want a work out you can do in just a minute or a few you can spread out over your day? Stop by Nolan's tonight from 5:30-7pm for info, tips, and enter our workout raffle for your own workout mat.

Quit Tip: A study of over 400,000 people in Taiwan found that smokers who were able to incorporate exercise into just 15 minutes of their day were more likely to quit than those that didn't exercise.

Help a friend who's trying to quit by inviting them to do a quick workout with you.

Mellow out Monday: A study of employees in Australia found that just 15 minutes of yoga reduced stress levels by nearly 17%. Yoga may not be your thing so instead try what interests you- running, dancing, swimming, jumping rope. Just get a quick workout to lower stress and feel more empowered for the day ahead of you.

Want to soothe the sore muscles from your workouts? Or just need another quick stress relief? Stop by Q level in the MSE tonight starting at 8pm for a free back rub from Stressbusters.