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PEEPs thoughts on exercising during the Break


Spring break is here!  Whether you are taking a trip or relaxing at home, you’re excited about getting some time away from school. While you may have been hitting the gym hard in the recent weeks preparing for spring break, it is still just as important to maintain your exercise habits over break! You will feel better, maintain your health, and won't have to deal with the reality when you get back of finding your normal workout extra tiring.  Here are some ways to stay active while still relaxing:

  • Workout with friends from home! Instead of catching up while watching TV or eating out, go for a walk together, throw the football around or go as a guest on someone’s gym pass.

  • Get outside! Plan events with your friends where you guys are outside. Plan a soccer game, an ultimate frisbee get-together or any other fun activity where you enjoy the weather.
  • Show people what you have learned at the gym this semester! Show your mom that cool new plank variation you learned or your friend how squats are actually done. They will get excited and might have something for you too!

  • Workout at home! It can be hard going home with no gym membership. However, you have the outdoors in addition to your home. Have stairs? Run up and down them. A nice park nearby? Go for a walk outside. Floor space? Do a circuit-training workout with squats, burpees and other fun exercises.
Try to incorporate more activity into your break and you will come back feeling even more refreshed. Have a safe and activity-filled break!


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