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An App to Drink By


A new app is on the market for the drinking alcohol.  For those who drink, this app could serve as a way to help keep track of how much they are really consuming.  It's not a BAC app or a tracking app, but an app that specializes for people drinking out of "non-traditional" alcohol containers-- things like soda bottles, sports drinks, and solo cups.

The creators witnessed friends mixing liquor and plastic bottles and heard concerns over not knowing how much alcohol, or more specifically, how many shots were in their bottles.  Upon thinking more about this concern, they decided to help their friends and many others become more informed about what they were consuming by creating the Shots iGot App.

To see how the app works, take a look at this video:

If you drink, do you think you would use this app?  Would you get either the free version or the $1.99 full version?

Here's what we like about the app:
  • By determining how many shots are in a container, the consumer can be more informed and hopefully more aware about how much s/he drinks throughout the night.
  • There are a bunch of containers, including the solo cup.
  • This helps people be smart about drinking!
Here's what people still need to keep in mind:
  • The App won't keep track of how many shots were had in total.  Keep track of your drinks and be mindful of what your body needs (water is usually high on that list).
  • A meal before/during drinking can help reduce the aftermath effects of drinking.
  • Alternating water (or alcohol-less mixers) with alcoholic beverages can also reduce the chances of a negative experience.
  • Of course, not drinking alcohol at all can also greatly reduce those chances at all.
  • If you choose to drink, remember to stay in the blue zone by stopping at buzzed.