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Stay Warm This Winter-- Advice from a PEEP


It’s finally snowing! While some people love the cold weather and the winter season, I know there others who dread it and want more than anything to stay warm and in bed. Staying stuck indoors isn't the only way to keep warm. Below are some healthier options.

Eat foods high in healthy fats, like nuts. These are good for thermo-regulation.

Exercise! Besides releasing endorphins, exercising is good because sweating can help increase blood circulation and warm up your body, especially your extremities finger and toes.

Drink hot drinks. The hot mug will warm your fingers but teas like green tea and coffees are healthy. They have antioxidants that can help fight off the infections and illness that unfortunately also come with winter.

Discover the benefits of hot soup. Besides warming you up, soup is also filling and can help reduce overall calorie-intake.

Try adding different spices! Ginger can help increase blood circulation and keeping temperature high. Herbs and spices can have other health benefits too.

Take a warm bath before bed! Body temperatures naturally decrease when we get sleepy, so having a warm bath can cause an even greater drop in body temperature and help you feel more relaxed.

Bundle up! Don’t forget scarves, gloves, earmuffs, a big winter jacket or anything that can help fight off the cold.