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SEE a cure for ALS


SEE tip: Exercise with friends-- it's fun and the time flies. Come to the Luau Zumbathon at 7pm tonight in Levering! It's win win win-- raise money, get a fun workout with friends, and get lei'd!  A $10 ticket is required which will be donated towards ALS cure research.  No dance skills required- beginners welcome!

Facebook: Luau Zumbathon

HKB Tip: Trying to break the addiction?  Try working out.  Seriously.  Research has shown that exercise can help reduce nicotine cravings.  Feel the need for a smoke, try going for a jog instead and see if it works for you.

Mellow Out Monday: Feeling good lately, but worried about what lies ahead with school and stress?  A workout now can actually help put you into a healthier mindset, allowing you to handle anxiety or stress with more ease than if you decide to skip the gym (Science News, 2012)). Do your mind a favor and work those muscles.

Feeling stressed right now? Don't let it get worse. Come to the MSE tonight for a quick back rub from Stressbusters starting at 8pm.  Stressbusters will be on Q-level-- come find us!