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Innovation in a Glass

A student from MIT woke up in a hospital bed one morning after blacking out from drinking too much.  After meeting with the Dean and thinking about what happened to him he decided to invent a way to prevent it from happening again.

The MIT student created ice cubes with electronics inside them to detect the number of sips a person drinks and how quickly someone is drinking them.  The ice cubes signal to the person with LED color changes-- with the hope of prompting a student to slow down if they start drinking too much too fast.  The ice cubes also pulse to the beat of the music at the party, an added bonus for the musically and sensory minded.

Take a look at the video posted by the inventor below.  What do you think of this idea?  If you drink, would you consider using the ice cubes to help keep you in the blue zone?  Do you have any concerns about how it might work?

Cheers - alcohol-aware glowing ice-cubes that beat to ambient music from Dhairya Dand on Vimeo.

While there are other safer drinking methods out there, like eating before/during drinking, keeping track of the number of drinks consumed, and drinking water after each alcoholic drink, this student decided to try a new method.  And who knows-- maybe it''ll help.  There might be some limitations, but we love the innovative thinking!  What about you?