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Hump Day: Adult Films and Condom Use


There was a great amount of debate in the last few months over the California law mandating adult film actors be required to use condoms for on-screen sexual intercourse.  The film makers felt it violated their first amendment rights to free speech and expression, and also believed that they had precautions in place to keep actors safe from HIV and other STD/STIs, such as regular blood testing.  The producers have stated that they have had zero HIV transmission thus far with their current methods of prevention and see no reason to have this law change their methods.  They also feel that the public does not want to see someone using a condom.

On that last note, what do you think the public wants to see?  Would people be turned off from watching adult films if the actors were using condoms?  Fill out our poll to tell us your thoughts: http://doodle.com/c5qhkukn5kri97vb.


Ryan Boyles said...

Most of the companies engaged in porn movie industry don’t like the new condom policy. They said using condoms in movies lessen fantasy.

-Ryan| sex toys Philippines