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SEE SMART this Spring!

SEE Tip: Coming back after break isn't easy, but with S.M.A.R.T. goals in mind it can be much less stressful.

S. Be specific.
M. Make your goal measurable.
A. Be sure it is an attainable goal.
R. Ask yourself, is this realistic?
T. Set a deadline. Make your goal time specific.

Using SMART goal setting, you increase your chances for success.

Focus on sleep and consider a goal that will help you improve your sleep habits for this semester. Try something like, "During the week I will go to bed by 11pm in order to get 8 hours a night. To do this, I will shut off all distractions and make a list of things to do the next day so I don't stress over forgetting them."

Want help making your goal? Come by the Levering Dining Hall Entrance at 11am and talk to the PEEPs about your goals. Get a goodie for making a SMART SlEEp goal!