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Stay calm and study on


Remember, you will be okay.  No matter what happens with these tests and papers, you will still be okay.  Do your best, study as best you can, and remember to breathe and know you will be okay.

Use these tips to keep calm as finals take over these next number of days...

1.  Take breaks-- away from your study area.  Go for a walk. Meet a friend for lunch or dinner.  Take a workout break.  Do something to stop your brain from going into overdrive and give it a much needed and deserved break.

2. Get exercise  -  it will help you focus when you need it!  It will also give you more energy and help you sleep better at night.

3. Remember to sleep- don't skimp on sleep.  Your brain functions best when it's been rested.  All-nighters might work for you once in a while, but lack of sleep has been proven to lower brain functioning and memory retention.  Get sleep to get the grades you want.

4. Eat right - snack with health in mind.  Keep healthy snacks nearby when you are studying and avoid sugar crashes that will leave you hungry for more and low energy.  Complex carbs, veggies, and fruits will give you the staying power for a solid study session.

5. Make lists - get organized.  The satisfaction of crossing something off your list, even if it's "take a shower" will feel like a great accomplishment over this week.  Get yourself organized and give yourself credit for all of the things you do!

6. Take advantage of Stressbusters!  Free 5-7 minute back rubs are the perfect mini break and stress reliever.  Find an event (we have 3 across campus today), request Stressbusters for your hall, student group, or team, or come to Mellow Out Monday at 8pm on 12/17 on Q-level.