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SEE Tip: Eat for your brain

SEE tip:  It's crunch time -- finals are way too close and deadlines are quickly approaching.  But you're brain is shutting down.  What the heck are you going to do?!

Try eating foods for that promote brain activity, not something that will just keep you awake.  Avoid the skittles and red bull.  Instead, try drinking green tea for a short term fix of focus, energy, and a boost of anti-oxidants.

No one wants to be the person with the growling noises coming from their stomach.  Avoid going into an exam on an empty stomach.  Instead, try eating something like a whole wheat flat bread with peanut butter and sliced bananas which will give you a solid boost of complex carbohydrates.   Just don't eat too much before the exam or long study session-- food comas may result.

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HKB Quit Tip: A common deterrent for smokers to quit the habit is around concerns of weight gain.  While it is possible that a person may gain around 4-10 lbs, research shows that with maintenance and guidance this can be avoided or may actually be needed for the individual's body.  If weight gain is a concern for a smoker that you know, advise them that it is possible to quit and keep weight under control.  

For many people, it's as simple as keeping a pack of carrots nearby, as they would have done with a pack of cigarettes.  That hand-to-mouth reflex can be fulfilled through the carrots, rather than a low nutritional value-high caloric intake snack which could lead to weight gain.  With healthy snacks nearby, weight gain is less likely and there is a smoother path to cessation.

Mellow Out Monday:  The holidays are here, along with finals, and lots of stress.  Unfortunately, for many people stress can lead to mindless and binge type eating behavior.  To help yourself in the long run, keep your living space stocked with easy to grab healthy snacks, like pre-sliced apples or pre-cut veggies and hummus.  By having healthy snacks nearby, you'll be able to concentrate more on your studies, rather than worrying over what to eat and feeling stressed out about what you are putting into your body-- you know it's healthy!  

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