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Power Through Finals

How will you power through this week of finals?

Eat fruitfully -- Keep healthy foods in your study area and eat well this week.  Junk food will derail your study sessions and lead to early crashes.  With nutritious foods, like fruits and veggies, your brain can keep going for hours and hours.

Keep going -- You may want to give in or just give up, but don't let yourself-- you've come so far!!  You are so close to the winter break period and then you will be able to get a much needed reprieve from all of this.

Reward yourself -- Did you study the amount of material you planned to today?  Give yourself something as a reward-- maybe a special drink from The Daily Grind or a break to take your favorite fitness class at the gym.  Do something you enjoy for you-- as long as it is something that won't set you back.  For example, meeting friends for dinner versus going out for a happy hour that turns into 4 hours and too many drinks.  You deserve to have some fun; just remember to set yourself up for success.

Stay positive-- Use the power of positive thinking to see yourself succeeding and you will have a better chance of doing so.  Keep encouraging words and reminders nearby to keep you from getting discouraged.  Repeat to yourself "I can do this!" and imagine the grade you want on your test.

CHEW's Well, Do Well!!  You can do this!!