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Sleep Well Hopkins- SEE for yourself


SEE tip:  Scientists may still be struggling to know the exact reason WHY we sleep, but they know for sure that we need it.  Like eating, our bodies do not function right without a healthy dose of sleep.  

Have you noticed that without the right amount of sleep, your brain just can't focus or recall certain information?  Researchers believe that the neurons are likely over-worked and lose the ability to function as they should. Are those multiple all-nighters still sounding like the best way to cram?  We hope not.  Do yourself a favor and get some rest.  Sleep well!

Want more trivia on sleep that comes with a free highlighter?  Come by the Levering Quad today from 11am-2pm to answer a quick question from a PEEP and get your SEE highlighter today!

HKB News: Which U.S. university known for being a "national leader in healthcare and environmental practices" has announced that it is going tobacco-free/smoke-free?  

Check the HKB Facebook Page to find out: facebook.com/hopkinskicksbutts.

Mellow Out Monday: A recent report by The Better Sleep Council found that 65% of Americans are losing sleep due to stress.  Want to de-stress and get a more restful sleep?  Human touch is a great relaxer for many people.  Try a FREE 5-7 minute back rub from Stressbusters at the MSE Library on Q Level tonight from 8pm-10pm.  Once you are relaxed and feeling de-stressed-- go with it.  Do something that will keep you feeling relaxed and allow you to move towards your bed with ease once it's time for sleep.