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Sip Tip: Drinks and Distress

You know those "Don't be THAT GIRL" t-shirts?  Well, they are talking about someone you know or have seen right?  For sure, this person is not the majority and their actions don't represent the rest of Hopkins-- as our studies have shown.  However, have you ever wondered why that girl is acting like THAT GIRL?  What is going on in there to make it happen?

According to a study of first semester college women who were studied over a three month period, researchers found a connection between high risk drinking and emotional states. Those women who acted without hesitation combined with those who acted recklessly with their selves were more inclined to drink more and act with less regard for their own well-being.

Makes sense based on what we've seen right?  Those that are more distressed, emotionally in turmoil, and feeling impulsive are more likely to drink to a risky point and participate in activities that involve more risk, perhaps crossing North Charles without looking for cars or continuing to drink beyond one's own limits.

These behaviors can be dangerous and aside from the "That Girl" stigma, it can also lead to possibly fatal ends.  If you or a friend are having a stressed out, impulsive type of night, try talking it out first.  Instead of bottling up (or drinking it down), talking to someone can be a safer way to let out the stress.  Call your closest friend from High School, talk to your roommate, or call your parent/sibling/ If that's not going to cut it, try journaling or playing some music and belting out some tunes that relate to exactly what you're going through (any suggestions will be gladly accepted in the comments!).  And if drinking is the plan- consider ways to do so safely.  Stick to one type of alcohol-- avoid mixing with energy drinks-- and try to stick to 1 to 2 drinks an hour.

Allow your emotions to run their course, but not run your life.  Don't let your emotions lead you into being "That Girl"-- talk to someone, get help, and feel better.

Source: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/news/articles/2012/11/08/impulsive-college-women-at-risk-of-drinking-problems-study