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SEE the small things

SEE tip:  Healthy eating can be a challenge, especially when trying to do a complete overhaul.  Try to start small.  Set a small, attainable goal for yourself and as you feel more comfortable and accomplished with that goal, set another.

For example:  If you don't eat many vegetables, but want to increase the amount of veggies you eat.  Make it a goal to add one serving to your day.  You don't have to eat salads for lunch and dinner, but just start small and eventually you might find yourself eating the salads voluntarily.

Come set a goal with PEEPs today at the FFC from 5:30-7pm tonight.  We are here to help and want to see you succeed!

HKB news:  This week is the Great American Smokeout where smokers across the U.S. are encouraged to make November 15th their Quit Day.

Come find an HKB member on the Breezeway this Thursday to learn about ways to quit, play the quick match game, and get a free "quit cold turkey" sub!

Mellow Out Monday tip: Like trying to eat healthy, taking small changes to reduce your stress can have a big impact on your health.  As you make positive changes in your eating, notice your stress levels-- do you feel less stressed when you are eating more healthy?  Most report feeling that way!  If you want another stress relief boost (and who doesn't, right?), stop by the MSE Library on Q-level today for a FREE back rub from Stressbusters from 8pm-10pm tonight.  Eat well and bust that stress!