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SEE for Yourself: Tea Time!


SEE Tip: After a few days of delicious food, sleep, and relaxation, it can be a harsh snap back to Hopkins with the last push of the semester to get through.  Don't let things like poor sleep, unhealthy eating, and losing focus slow you down.  Take care of yourself, sleep well and finish strong.

If you're having trouble getting to sleep, try to avoid caffeine at least 5 hours before going to bed.  Caffeine's effects can be felt for HOURS after being ingested which can mess with your sleep schedule.  It won't necessarily make you more productive either- as you just feel more jittery and frustrated that you can't sleep and can't study.  And nobody wants that.

If you want to drink something to help you move towards "sleep mode", put down the coffee or energy drinks, and try a glass of water or herbal tea instead.  A 2011 study from Phytotherapy Research found that low doses of herbal tea can help foster better quality sleep for healthy individuals.

Want to try some for free before making it a regular part of your routine?  Come by the SEE for yourself table in the MSE on Q Level from 6-8pm tonight for FREE "Well Rested" herbal tea! Focus on getting some much needed rest for the tail end of the semester.

Stop by for some tea and sleep well tonight!

Kick Butts News Update: Did you hear that the cost for some tobacco products may be going up in Maryland?  

A health care coalition is advocating for a dollar increase in the current tax rate for tobacco products like cigarettes, cigarillos and little cigars.  If this proposal is passed, a pack of cigarettes could cost about $7.29 in Maryland.  Cigarette tax increases have been proven to lower smoking rates in the past. 

Knowing what a pack would cost if this is passed, do you think current smokers might be more likely to consider quitting?  Come and discuss at tonight's HKB meeting in the AMR 1 TV Room at 6pm tonight.

Mellow out Monday Tip: Are you so stressed that your sleep has been suffering? Try a cup of herbal (caffeine free) tea as you study at night.  The tea will help to calm you with it's soothing powers (aka: herbs)  allowing you to sleep soundly.  

Another easy and (FREE) way to help induce a good night's rest and lower stress levels is with a back rub from Stressbusters.  Have you had one yet?  If you have- come back for another back rub!  If not, get your first back rub- it's never too late to start doing something good for your body.  You just need 5-7 minutes with a Stressbuster to feel better, less stressed, and ready to head towards a good night's rest.  Come find Stressbusters on Q level of the MSE starting at 8pm tonight!