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Liquid Courage- the key to invincibility?

"Liquid courage" can give someone the nerve to talk to the hottie they've been eyeing all night.  It can help someone feel more comfortable with new people.  On the flip side, it can also give someone the lack of logic to avoid doing something they'd normally never do because of the inherent risks.  

The "liquid" or alcohol can promote relaxation and increase sociability for people when they are sticking to about a drink an hour and using safer drinking methods to "stay in the blue zone".  This means people are drinking water or straight juice/soda, avoiding drinking games, or eating while drinking to help ward off the dangerous aspects of drinking alcohol.

Drinking too much and going beyond the "buzzed" level can reduce the brain's ability to process properly. This means things like perception, motor functioning, and reaction times are all affected. Things like this have led to embarrassing dance moves, tripping over stairs, doing the straw dance, and sloppy hook ups-- to name a few.

Beyond the embarrassing moments are the more dangerous ones.  Nearly 600,000 college students are unintentionally injured while drinking each year.  Imagine trying to get to classes, the library or anywhere else on this campus while using crutches.  (Talk to some people that are currently doing it-- they'll assure you, it's not fun).  

No one needs another thing to stress over around here so be mindful with your decisions around alcohol. If you choose to drink, plan the night ahead of time.  Think of what you have to do in the days ahead and plan how many drinks in the night you can reasonably have and be at your optimal level to get everything done.  Planning ahead can make a big difference and keep you safe from riskier situations.