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A message from a PEEP... Feed your soul.


Overwhelmed? It’s the time of year when many of us start to lose count of the nights we’ve spent in the library, or have more exams than we do hours of sleep, and start to feel like things are getting out of hand. Just because that’s a common Hopkins (and, actually just a college) experience does not mean that it’s healthy! Here are some tried and true -- at least in my past three (almost four) years here—methods of multitasking wellness into your day. Consider it a little loving for the part of you that needs it the most, your soul!

1)      Go for a run (or a walk)—Remember exercise? Yeah, me neither, thanks to all the papers/exams/other things I need to accomplish. Even a little bit goes a long way for your mood, your body, and your productivity! Take just twenty minutes to crank out a run. Bring a buddy and up your multitasking ante, social time just got cardio in it!

2)      Go to APTT- With locations in Wolman and the AMRs, whether you’re looking to go to CharMar for a quick dinner or Late Night at the FFC, you can set aside five minutes to vent your frustrations to one of the fabulous, trained peer listeners of APTT. With the weight of the world off of your shoulders, you can hit the books in peace.  P.S. If you needed another reason to go, they have candy. Sugar = energy = you can get some more work done? (At least for a short burst...)

3)      Get some ice cream- If you have a sweet tooth, there’s no shame in indulging it once in a while! Head over to Coldstone with your friends for fifteen minutes of stress free relaxation! Then grab coffee or tea at Starbucks and head back to the library, or wherever it was you were being productive!

4)      Netflix, Hulu Plus, or whatever your guilty pleasure is- Why would I recommend what has easily wrecked my productivity for the past few years? Well, sometimes you need to clear your mind. And creativity does come in the least expected places, so maybe while you watch an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy with your roommate, you’ll find inspiration for your term paper. Or better yet, you can learn some of that biology you’ll need for the MCAT, obviously. An hour with a friend does the brain a whole ton of good, so make at least an hour a day for a little shamelessly bad TV with the ones you love.

The point here is clear—balance is key! Make taking a break a social event, so you’ve accomplished seeing your friends, or maybe commit to eating all your meals away from your books! The semester will be over before you know it, so don’t let the good times fly by too!

With best wishes for a healthy and successful semester,
A member of PEEPs