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What can you do with 10 minutes? SEE for yourself!


SEE Tip:  Do you find yourself out of time by the evening to cram in an hour long session at the Rec Center? It isn't easy to carve out a whole hour for the gym, especially with everything you have going on.  But could you spare 10 minutes 3-4 times a day?  Maybe during a break in classes, during the commercials of your favorite show, or even while you have your skype chat with a friend.  These are perfect times to get in a quickie workout (though make sure your friend knows what's up and ask if s/he wants to join in- workout buddies are awesome motivators)!

For 10 minute workout suggestions without weights (or you could use your water bottle for a "weight" for an extra boost) try things you can do from your chair like:
Tricep dips

Chair pose (yoga for a squat)

Want help getting started with your workout this week?  Whether it be an hour, 10 minutes or somewhere in between let us help you!  
Come by the Breezeway from 12-3 today for a chance to roll the dice on your exercise.

HKB Quit Tip:  If you're a smoker and begin to feel like you need a smoke to reduce your stress, try taking a cue from SEE for yourself and use that 7 minute smoke break for exercise instead.  The stress levels will go down and according to research, the craving will likely decrease, too. 

Mellow Out Monday: Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, even doing so in short bursts like the 10 minute workouts mentioned above.  If you find yourself with another break coming up from 8pm-10pm tonight, reward yourself for the workouts you've fit in, the hard work you've done, or whatever you are proud of yourself for accomplishing today and check out Stressbusters for a FREE backrub.