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SEE...in the dark


SEE tip: When it comes to exercising, mixing it up can have incredible results.  Not only does it make working out more fun and challenging, but you end up working different muscle groups which results in a more beneficial and higher impact workout than doing the same workout over and over.  If you are constantly on the elliptical, try the treadmill 1 day a week.  Or try a circuit workout where you do 10 minutes on 3 or 4 different cardio machines.  And don't forget about the weight room-- mixing it up in there is a great idea too!

If you aren't sure what to do for cardio or for weights, try a fitness class.  The Rec Center offers a number of great classes with trained fitness instructors who can guide you if you have any questions.  Learn more about the classes here.

4:45pm Today!

Want to try a class before buying a card? We have the class for you! Try Glow in the Dark Zumba today at 4:45pm!  This is glow in the dark class isn't normally offered during the year.  Zumba is appropriate for all fitness levels and beginners are very welcome!  Come and get your glow on!

 HKB Tip: So you've heard it a million times, smoking is bad.  And while we would encourage anyone who is ready to quit, we understand that it is incredibly difficult.  While the struggle to quit might continue, there are some things that you can do to keep yourself healthy in other ways though.  Research has found that smokers who had high rates of exercise had a lower chance of developing lung cancer than those smokers who did not exercise.  If smoking is something you cannot give up just yet, consider amping up your exercise to give your body some added benefits and a fighting chance until you are ready to take that next step.

Source: http://articles.latimes.com/2008/aug/04/health/he-smokingside4

Mellow Out Monday Tip: A 2006 study on 300 college students from across the country found that many were stressed out.  No surprise there, right?  To deal with the stress, 1 in 4 turned to exercising for stress relief.  Are you in the 25% that use exercise as a stress reliever?

Looking for a stress reliever that will take less than 10 minutes?  Try a free back rub from Stressbusters tonight in the MSE on Q level starting at 8pm.  The back rubs last 5-7 minutes and are a great way to work out the tension from hunching over those books all week!