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SEE Tip:  Get your Z's even in the most stressful of times- midterms, papers, O's in the post season.  Don't let yourself be caught in one of these clips

If your sleep has been suffering and you'd like to change it, perhaps you should step up to the SEE for Yourself- Sleep Challenge!  We'll be explaining the challenge on the Breezeway today from 11am-2pm so come by and get a chance to win a prize and improve your sleep.  All it takes is a little work and a lot of sleep. 

HKB Quit Tip:  Difficulty sleeping can be one resulting health effect from tobacco use.  This lack of sleep can lead to more stress and likely more dependence on tobacco as a temporary stress reliever.  Instead of looping into a cycle of low sleep and high tobacco use, consider what options are available to help people quit and see what could work based on personal preferences.  Want to know about other health effects of tobacco use?  Come to the Hopkins Kicks Butts meeting on Wednesday at 6pm in the AMR TV Room. 

Mellow Out Monday:  Do you ever feel like you can't get to sleep at night because you are just too stressed?  Try writing it down.  Keep a notepad or journal with a pen nearby so you can write your thoughts down as you settle into bed.  If you still feel stressed and the tension is reaching your neck and back, give your mind and body a break with a back rub from Stressbusters.  Come to Mellow Out Monday on Q Level of the MSE from 8-10pm for a FREE back rub.