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In the News: Butt Chugging


CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post have been clamoring over the recent news story out of Tennessee of the college student who was hospitalized with a .4 BAC level.  Thankfully (and amazingly) this student survived having that much alcohol in his blood stream; however, his near fatally high BAC level is not what got the attention of news outlets everywhere.

Allegedly, the students at the party were "butt chugging", also known as giving each other alcohol enemas.  The hope with these alcohol enemas is to get drunk faster (faster than who or what is unclear).  Unfortunately, they joined the race before knowing the lesser known risks.

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Preston Stewart, "Our stomachs and livers have an enzyme known as alcohol dehydrogenase that breaks down ethanol to make it less toxic for our bodies. The lower gastrointestinal tract doesn't have that enzyme, so alcohol molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the colon.  Eventually the alcohol would still make its way to the liver, but the high alcohol content would overwhelm the organ.  It's extremely dangerous."

It's important to keep in mind that the majority of people do not drink like this and most likely haven't heard of this.  This sort of drinking is seen as an isolated incident.  And for our campus in particular, most students at Hopkins do not drink to get drunk, according to our recent survey done this past Spring, and would be less likely to be engaging in this sort of drinking behavior.  Looking at your group of friends, would you agree or disagree?


Anonymous said...

I feel like the juveniles who run around yelling "lettuce" would have an increased tendency to butt chug - but that's the only sub-culture of Hopkins who would. Lettuce.

Anonymous said...

I think butt chugging, can be a safe and practical recreation tool. Just because some individuals have abused this fun and unique way to get drunk, doesn't mean the rest of us shouldn't be able to enjoy a good old fashioned beer enema.

CHEW at JHU said...

Thanks for reading the CHEW blog. We realize talk of "butt chugging" and "beer enemas" can lead to some jokes, disbelief and some discomfort.

We also want to re-state the risks associated with this dangerous behavior in case it was missed in the article.

The GI tract does not filter the toxins and therefore leaves the body much more susceptible to dangerous and possibly fatal results. Additionally, without medical training, the tubing could result in trauma to the rectum and other areas of the person's body. Just some things to think about if we didn't mention it above.

Thanks for reading!