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Happy Hump-o-ween!

Halloween is upon us!  After months and months of planning Halloween costumes (or a few hours)- what was the final result?  Political satires, super heroes, monsters, technological tributes, Olympians, or what else?

Beyond the costumes, photo ops, and general ridiculousness, there's also the chance for the Halloween hook up.  The "I hooked up with Rainbow Brite!" or the "I had some sweet morphin time with the Red Ranger!" story.  Stories are great-- if they are only that...stories.  Whatever the real deal is, keep it safe.  Consider, using protection if you choose to swim the breast stroke with "Halloween Ryan Lochte".

Not sure where to get it?  We have free condoms in the Student Health and Wellness Center (in Homewood), the CHEW office (in Levering), and RAs may have them for you, as well.  You can also order condoms at a discounted price through our Condom Sense program.  Order online and it will be ready for pick up at the Health Center-- payable by cash, credit card, or J-cash/J-card.
CHEW also offers free female condoms, dental dams, and lubricant-- just come by our office and pick some up!