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Weekend Sip Tip: What's your motivation?


Each weekend offers a chance to breathe, relax, let loose, and do things that might not happen during the typical Sunday-Friday week.  This could include catching up on sleep, TV shows, hanging out with friends, going to parties, or curling up with a good book.

If your weekend plans include red solo cups filled with alcoholic unknowns, kegs, or other forms of alcohol consumption consider some ways to keep you and your friends safe as the parties go on.

First, think about why you are choosing to drink.  Is it to relax-to get into that buzzed state?  If so, try to keep it to about 1 alcoholic drink an hour so you can pace yourself and enjoy the buzzed feeling without going over the edge.  If you find yourself drinking more than one drink an hour try opting for water or a mixer sans the alcohol.  This can also help alleviate wicked hangovers.

If that wasn't your first thought, what was your reasoning for choosing to drink this weekend (if you did)?  Keeping those answers in mind might help you stay in better control of how much you drink.

Say you've had a rough week (lots of papers/exams/family drama/friend drama/work drama/drama drama) and feel like you just need to "escape" for the moment-- drinking might seem like a great way to do that; drink a lot, forget the issue, and enjoy the night.  Unfortunately, with drinking the problems tend to stick around and just wait for you to come back from your "escape". So eventually the drama will be coming around again and perhaps be even worse.  Plus, the unpleasant side effects of drinking too much (vomit, diarrhea, hangover, blacking out, embarrassing texts/calls/photos, and worse) doesn't help the situation.

If stress is the driving force for drinking, consider some alternatives like a night in with a friend who is a really good listener, a romantic dinner with your partner/potential partner,  talking to a counselor at the Counseling Center, talking to a counselor off campus or on a hotline, go to the gym with a friend, host a movie night in your room, or whatever works for you!  If you've found a way to drink safer or do something else with your night let us know in the comments section or on Facebook.