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Tequila Paradise or Reality- A PEEP Sip Tip


The Trouble of all that Tequila in Paradise

When surfing on Reddit or reading the latest tweets and headlines, you may come across many an exciting picture of college life. From beer bongs and shotguns to cheerleaders and grinding in a dirty frat basement, the allure of going to college to get your party on is ever-present. Many a freshman may have come to Hopkins expecting none of that at all, but, alas, it's out there. So out there that students from neighboring schools, such as Loyola and MICA, often show up at big parties at WaWa and Pike.  So, you find out about these parties, slide into your hottest outfit, and hit North Charles Street with a bang. But at what point does the crossover from buzzed to schwasted cause some not-so-sexy side effects? 

Is this still sexy when it's all over the Internet?

College is a time in life that many look back on with pleasure (or disdain). The shiny frame around these four years of paradise may easily mislead us into compromising our health and driving ourselves into social turmoil. So, before you go taking your shirt off and sucking on a bong in front of a camera for the JHU submission to “I'm Shmacked,” consider how many eyes might fall on your fifteen minutes of infamy. 

What happens when your boss sees this?
Source: http://m.brobible.com/college/video/im-shmacked-indiana-university-little-500-weekend-with-afrojack

One might compare our semesters in college to the misleadingly paradisaical lives of celebrities. Celebrities are given copious amounts of money in exchange for putting their lives under a microscope. They party hard, look good, and seem not to have a care in the world. The most popular stories tend to leave out the level of hard work and dedication that it takes to truly be a success in the world of the rich and famous. If you pull an M.C. Hammer and blow all your pride and money on partying and rolling with your entourage, before you know it, you “can't touch” anything.

            Similarly, we receive so many inputs from the outside (media, articles, tweets, etc) telling us how college should be, making it seem like a “normal” college is one in which there are parties on weeknights and everyone binge drinks on a regular basis. When in reality, looking at the figures tells us that very few Hopkins students binge drink on a regular basis, and about 37% don't drink at all. So, next time you feel like one more drink will make you go Shaun White in the streets of Baltimore, take a step back and ask yourself if you want public intoxication on your resume. 

Shaun White at the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2012/09/shaun-white-arrested-charged-with-vandalism-and-public-intoxication/

This blog entry was written for you by one of the PEEPs (peer health educators) who asks you to consider the consequences of binge drinking; not just the physical effects, but the social-emotional and future implications.   

If you choose to drink, consider stopping at buzzed to avoid some of the after-effects of drinking that are less desirable and might affect more than your bodily functions.

Take care of yourself, your friends, and your future.