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SEE for Yourself- SLEEP Well


SEE Tip:  Starting classes, attending meetings, and fitting in extracurricular activities can be overwhelming as the semester gets underway.  Often, what suffers most is your sleep.  Have you been able to get an average of 7-9 hours of sleep each night?  If you said, YES! Then come by Levering Hall (the dining hall side) and sign our white board and claim a prize from 1-3pm today.

If you said no, don't stress.  We'll help you get there.  Try some tips like turning off electronics at least 2 hours before trying to go to sleep.  You could enjoy a good book,  do bedtime restorative yoga, or get some extra brain time in by re-writing your notes from class.  Why is it so important to turn off electronics before bed?  Researchers are finding more and more evidence that the artificial light reduces melatonin levels in the brain which plays a significant role in the sleep cycle.  Want more tips?  Stop by Levering (dining hall side) for more tips and giveaways to help you get your sleep cycle on track.

HKB Quit Tip:  Did you know sleep can be one of the most difficult things for a smoker?  The long amount of time without nicotine can cause withdrawal symptoms.  This can lead to strong reactions in the body, including headaches, crankiness, trouble staying asleep, cold/flu symptoms and general irritability.  If you are finding yourself having these symptoms and are trying to quit, try drinking water, going for a quick walk, or taking 10 slow, deep breaths.  Your body will eventually relax and allow you to ease into a more peaceful sleep and eventually reduce it's dependence on nicotine.

Stressbusters Tip: Classes are picking up in intensity and assignments, exams, and papers are hanging over our heads.  Don't take the stress out on your back, give yourself a much needed break with Stressbusters.  We'll be in the MSE from 8pm-10pm tonight and every Monday night for the semester giving out FREE 5-7 minute back rubs!  Come by and get your study break on!