Disclaimer: The information, articles, and tips portrayed on this blog, while based on research, do not constitute medical advice. The opinions expressed are meant to educate and inform, but not to dictate lifestyle choices or personal beliefs. These articles are meant to provoke thought on issues surrounding college health and to inform the Hopkins community of healthy information and resources.


SEE for Yourself- Every Monday!


SEE Tip: Start fresh every Monday with SEE for yourself.  At the start of each week, wipe your slate clean and start off right by planning the basics to keep you healthy and allow you to finish strong.  Look for updates on Sleeping, Eating, and Exercising on Today's Announcements, around campus, and here!  We'll remind you to focus on YOU.  And be honest, how often do you remember to do that?  Let us help you to think about what you need and prioritize the essentials to keep you running at full speed.

Get started today by finding our peer health educators (PEEPs) on the Breezeway from 11-2pm to discover your dimensions of wellness and grab some giveaways while you're there.

HKB Tip: Hopkins Kicks Butts is your anti-tobacco coalition on campus.  HKB members are advocates for health, educators on the dangers of tobacco use, resources for those looking to quit, and change makers when it comes to making Hopkins a smoke-free campus.  HKB is accepting applications for new members- if you're interested email hopkinskicksbutts@gmail.com for an application and/or attend the General Interest Meeting this Wednesday, 9/12 at 6pm (bonus: free food).

Stressbusters Tip: Whether it's your first semester or your fifth, transitioning into the Fall semester can be stressful after summer.  Consider de-stressing with a FREE back rub from Stressbusters.  Stressbusters provide free 5-7 minute back rubs for JHU students every Monday from 8pm-10pm beginning next week (9/17)!

Do you enjoy making others feel calm?  Are you interested in lowering stress levels around campus?  Want to learn how to give awesome 5-7 minute back rubs? Stressbusters is the group for you!  We're recruiting today-- go to www.jhustressbusters.com for an application and more details!