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SEE for Yourself: Eat Well


SEE Tip: Eating well on a college campus is possible, but can also be tricky.  Often, people are putting food on our plates for us and we don't have the option of saying how much we want or knowing how much we're actually being served; a cup, a tablespoon, who knows?   Understanding what a serving really is instead of eating what is portioned out to us is crucial for eating well.  And, unfortunately, since portion sizes are not standardized and seem to only be getting larger and larger, our nutrition and health are paying for it.  When at the FFC or other eateries where you are served a portion size that might not be for just one sitting, try using common household items to help you determine what a true portion size is and avoid overeating.

For more examples check out the CDC's website: http://www.webmd.com/diet/healthtool-portion-size-plate.  

Want to challenge your portion knowledge?  Come see PEEPs on the Breezeway from 11am-2pm to test yourself and win a portion minded prize!

HKB Tip: Over 774 campuses across the country have already gone smoke-free or tobacco-free.  Hopkins is still thinking about it.  With groups like Hopkins Kicks Butts, we're keeping it on the radar-- want to learn more and help?  Come to HKB's meeting on Wednesday at 6pm in the AMR 1 TV room to learn why we want to go smoke-free and how to do it.  And bonus- free pizza!

Mellow Out Monday: Eating more than your fair share can leave you feeling crabby, uncomfortable, and stressed.  With proper portions, you can avoid the stress and benefit from a clear and healthy mind/body connection.  Use the free time you might have spent crawled up in the fetal position to enjoy a FREE 5-7 minute back rub from Stressbusters tonight at the MSE from 8pm-10pm.  Let stressbusters reward you with a back rub for eating well and staying on track for better health!