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Hump Day's Scientifically Proven Tips for Great Sex!


Forget what Cosmo says are the 25 sex moves that your partner secretly wishes you'll try-- it's not likely to end in great sex.  The research tells us that all the tips, tricks, toys, and tools aren't the keys to the ultimate night of big ooohs and ahhhs.  Instead, research has found that no amount of technology or tips will create the chemistry that's needed for a hot night; instead, it's about the human connection- the bonds between the two people that allows for the moment of intimacy to be the most satisfying.

Psychology Today noted these 8 ingredients for great sex from Dr. Kleinplatz and co.'s study on the subject.

1. Be present and focused.
Don't worry about what else is going on; what else you have to do, what you look like- just be in the moment with each other.

2. Connection, alignment, and being in sync.
In a word: Chemistry!

3. Deep sexual and erotic intimacy.
Accept yourself and your partner as you each are and you'll find greater passion.

4. Extraordinary Communication.
Being alert to wants and needs of yourself and your partners and expressing those needs in a positive manner.

5. Authenticity. 
Feeling free to be who you are.

6. Bliss, healing, transformation.
Great sex has the power to change a person.  Whether it be to restore, change perspectives, or provide a release.

7. Exploration, fun.
Allow laughter as new experiences are had and enjoy each one as it comes, feeling safe to try each new moment.

8. Vulnerability and Surrender.
Letting go of our anxieties, ego, stress and putting that trust in another person.

If you choose to have sex (great, or not so great) remember to protect yourself.  If you'd like a condom there are many places on campus to get free ones, including the Health and Wellness Center on N. Charles Street and the CHEW office in Levering 115.  You can also order Trojan or Durex brand condoms for $4/pack of 12 by going to the JHU Condom Sense Form.

If you choose to have sex, use your head, remember protection.