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Weekend Sip Tip

Finals are over! For some of us, graduation is here!  So much celebrating is going on this weekend and throughout the upcoming week that it's becoming tough to keep track.  If you choose to drink, remember to keep it classy, not trashy.

Classy tip #1:  Know what glassware to use for the kind of drinking you might partake in.  Be knowledgeable about it.  Not sure if a lager is in a regular mug or if it has it has a specific glass?  You aren't the only one.  Luckily, this article can help guide you and give you the details.

Why is glassware important? A drink can be best appreciated through it's proper glassware mate.  For example, a glass of pinot noir can best be enjoyed in a bowl shaped glass.  This shape allows this type of wine to aerate at the proper rate and provide the best taste.  

Classy tip #2: Know how much to pour in each glass for one drink.  The glasses may come in different sizes, but a standard drink size remains the same.  For beer it's 12 oz for a standard drink, wine is 5 oz, and 80 proof liquor (either in a shot or in a mixed drink) is 1.5 oz.  If a 32 oz glass is being used for "one" beer- consider how many drinks that is given the ounces per standard drink.

Classy tip #3: Stop@buzzed.  By stopping at buzzed, a person can feel the more euphoric effects of alcohol and reduce the risks that can come with drinking.