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Make it or Break it: Finals Week Hump Day Edition


Reading period and finals week are quickly approaching, and the incoming stress that is mounting may be affecting more than your personal health.  Your relationships with your friends, parents, and significant others could be heading for a nose dive.  Be proactive and keep those relationships clear of the red zone while you work for those A's by following these tips:

  • Communicate.  If you can't hang out or talk on the phone- a quick text or call to let the other person know that you are thinking of them, but just can't tear away from the books can go a long way.  It will also be much more appreciated than avoiding or forgetting to contact them at all.
  • Use your time wisely.  Find time in your packed study schedule to connect with those that are important to you.  You need the break and the time together can enhance your relationship. 
  • Plan ahead.  Knowing that these next two weeks will be awful, give people the heads up. If you're someone that hibernates in the library for the entire time, warn people that you will be out of touch and will get in touch with them on a certain day.  This can keep them from distracting you before you are ready for a distraction and allows them to know what they can do to help you.
  • Stress relief is key. Meet up with your partner for a run, hold hands while walking through the BMA garden, release some dopamine in a (safer) sack session. 
Remember to keep your loved ones in mind as you embark on a stressful two weeks.  They'll be even happier to celebrate all you've done when it's in the past.