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Homecoming Weekend Sip Tip


This weekend marks the end of classes and homecoming.  Two huge reasons to celebrate, relax, and enjoy the time before finals set in.  What will you be doing this weekend?  Going to the Hop-Army game to cheer on the Blue Jays?  Planning to spend some quality hours in the library getting in some studying?  Think you might spend some time "partying"?  

Some might consider "partying" this weekend, and if you're planning to be one of those people letting loose, you might be interested to know what your classmates reportedly do to keep themselves safer while drinking alcohol.  

The majority of Johns Hopkins students report that...

...they eat before and/or while drinking.

...they keep track of the number of drinks they are consuming.

...they stay with their same group of friends for the entire time they are "partying".

...they use more than one safer drinking technique to keep them from some of the less positive sides of drinking.  

If you decide to drink this weekend, what do you plan to do to keep yourself on the safer side?