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Anonymous or not?


Google Cyberbullying.

A lot of what you might find is directed at younger people or parents.  It's not talked about in college as much, and that's not right.  It happens here-- it happens through gossip sites that exist to talk tear others down and provide a forum for doing so.  It also happens as anonymous comments for articles or on sites like reddit.

One of those sites recently pulled a switch on it's users/viewers and posted who was saying what messages.  As you might imagine, there was a lot of backlash, a lot of angry emails, but also some positive.  This was done in order to call people out for cyber-bullying and show how easy it can be to do it through the veil of being anonymous, while also calling attention to how much hurt can be caused from those comments.

How much do you think anonymity plays into people's willingness to engage in cyberbullying?  And how prevalent do you think cyberbullying is at JHU?