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SEE for Yourself: Sleep Well


SEE Tip: Studies have shown that high quality, uninterrupted sleep can go along way, especially when it comes to preventing serious diseases, including cancer.  This study from 2008 identified the importance of melatonin in one's sleep, as well as, the impact sleep disturbances can have on the development of cancer.  Read on for details... 

Quit Tip:  By now, you've heard how smoking cigarettes causes cancer.  As a result of these messages, we've seen some smokers turn to other forms of tobacco for a fix, including pipes, cigars, hookah, snus, etc.  Don't be fooled, these can still be dangerous and put a person at risk for cancer and other diseases.  Tobacco use is a tough habit to break so if you haven't started- continue that path.  And if you have, but you're ready for a change look for resources to help you quit.

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  A good night's sleep is key for lots of health benefits from stress reduction to cancer prevention.  If you're looking for more than a good night's sleep to put your body in the happy zone, come by the MSE Library tonight for a back rub.  Your back will thank you and so will the rest of your body as you are put into a state of relaxation and happiness. Let the Stressbusters get you there from 8-10pm tonight on Q Level!