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SEE for Yourself: Exercise Well


SEE for yourself Myth and Fact Check: It is a common misperception that if people aren't sweating then they aren't working hard enough.  The reality is sweat is not the only indicator of a good workout session since sweat is only produced to cool the body.  A person can still burn calories, rev their metabolism and get the benefits of a good workout without leaving the gym drenched.  Want more myths and facts? Exercise your way to better health with PEEPs for a free SEE water bottle filled with info and goodies on the breezeway from 1:30-3pm today.

And if you think you needed motivation to workout, check out this funny commercial to see how some found theirs!

HKB Quit tip:  Exercise is crucial for health, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and lung health.  However, smoking can put a huge damper on one's ability to get a workout in.  Want a better workout, try cutting down on the cigarettes smoked. Start small- if you smoke about 12 a week, try cutting it down to 10 or whatever you think you can do.  Small changes can make a big impact.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Stressed after just one week back from Spring Break?  Try adding some exercise into your day for a stress reliever.  If you're feeling sore or could just use another stress reliever (because it's just one of those days) come by Mellow Out Monday with Stressbusters tonight from 8-10pm on Q-level at the MSE Library for a FREE back rub!