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Weekend Sip Tip: Greening Out


St. Patrick's Day is this weekend and there will be green flowing through the streets in the waves of "Kiss me, I'm Irish" t-shirts, buttons, and so on.  Often, St. Patty's Day revelers are so caught up in the day that the meaning behind it can get lost.

DYK this about St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day celebrations stem from the spread of Christianity to the Irish.  And the shamrock actually served as a way to explain the holy trinity to others- using the three leaves.

According to researchers, there were no actual snakes driven out of Ireland, as the folklore says.  The snake metaphor was used to talk of religion and the change from Pagan beliefs to Christianity.

By law, Ireland closes it's bars on St. Patrick's Day as it is a national religious holiday.

The Americanized version of St. Patrick's Day formed in the late 1700s as a way to celebrate Irish culture, ancestry, and group identity with parades that spread throughout the country.

Wearing the color green is actually considered unlucky in Ireland, though it is widely worn in the U.S. on March 17th as a way of showing allegiance to Ireland.

A common drink in the U.S. on this day is the "Irish Car Bomb".  This drink is not only dangerous due to the chugging aspects of it, but it is also extremely offensive to the Irish, who faced the car bomb terrorism in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.  Read more here. 

If you choose to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend, consider the history, and think of the future- your future.  If you decide to drink, do so responsibly and use these tips to keep the day going safely.

  • Stay hydrated.  Alternate drinking water with drinking alcohol.
  • Have a good meal- enjoy an Irish breakfast!  And continue eating throughout the day.
  • Pace yourself- stick to about 1 to 2 drinks an hour.
    • This includes taking shots, etc. - If you are doing shots, these will be consumed at a faster rate, while the absorption of the alcohol may take a little longer.  This means, the effects of the shot may not hit you until a little later...be aware of how much total alcohol you may be consuming to monitor your B.A.C. level to stay in a safer zone.
  • Stay with friends and take care of one another.
  • Designate a sober driver, arrange for a taxi pick up, or find some other form of transportation that will get you to your destination safely.