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Weekend Sip Tip: Four Loko Update


You may remember the Four Loko crazy from over a year ago with headlines like:

  • Man claims Four Loko caused permanent heart damage in suit
  • Houston woman and 1 year old daughter, found drunk on Four Loko
  • Two California teens found dead beside empty can of Four Loko
  • Alcohol poisoning deaths soar in past decade
  • Four Loko found in deadly teen crash
  • Four Loko sales to be restricted in Mass.
  • Potential Health Risks with Four Loko

In light of these articles and lawsuits, Four Loko decided to make a change.  They removed the caffeine content from their cans- removing a potentially lethal combination of alcohol and caffeine, or as they called it "black out in a can".  Four Loko is still on the market though- as an alcoholic beverage, and some companies are continuing to fight with the manufacturers.   The reason for the fight- misrepresentation of what's really in that can.

The company says that a 23.5 ounce can is equal to 1-2 beers.  However, a can which can contain about 12% alcohol can really be the same as 4-5 beers.  A big difference if someone is looking to get a buzz versus very drunk and potentially sick or worse.

Did you know Four Loko was still on the market?  If you did- were you aware of how much alcohol was in there?  Do you agree with the companies that think Four Loko should be more clear with it's marketing?  Why or why not?