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Hump Day: Spring Breaking it down


Thinking you might find a week of love during Spring Break?  Or perhaps you're reuniting with your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend? If lovin' is in your future, enjoy, but also remember some keys to keeping it safer while you're there.

Be prepared. Use protection. 
If you're engaging in sexual activity condoms are your best bet against both STIs and pregnancy, if you and your partner may not be monogamous. And great news, we have free ones at the Student Health and Wellness Center and in the CHEW office.  We also offer discounted Trojans and Durex condoms through our "Condom Sense Program".   We also have dental dams and female condoms available- just come to CHEW!

If you use hormonal methods, be sure to take them as advised by your physician.  Spring break can have lots of fun distractions, but a missed pill or patch replacement can cause unneeded stress.  Plan ahead to avoid that worry.

Talk it out.
Be sure both people are on board with the activity that's about to take place.  Mutual consent is a must.  Just ask to get clued in that things are good for everyone involved.  Communication is not only necessary, it is also hot!

Know your status and your partner's.
STIs may be hard to bring into the conversation, but for both of your safety, it will be important to ask about.  1 in 2 sexually active people under the age of 25 have contracted an STI.  Ask the questions, use protection.

Not really, but just make sure your friends are aware of what's going on, too.  If you are hitting it off with someone, introduce that person to your friends, include names (first and last), and be sure to stick with your group or at least have them know where you are.

Trust your gut.
You know what's right for you more than anyone else.  If something feels off, trust yourself and remove yourself from the situation. It is your spring break and you get to decide what to do with it.