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Hump day: Put a ring on it

Bloomberg's School of Public Health has recently published a study on the effectiveness of using female condoms to reduce disease transmission in Washington, DC.  The results proved that these commonly under-used contraceptives could be a winning choice for reducing infection rates.

Why would the female condom be so effective or even preferred for use?  Here are some considerations...

  • They are easy to get (we have them for free in the CHEW office! Come by and get one or buy one at a local store for about $2-$4/each).
  • Can be a great alternative for those allergic to latex male condoms
  • Does not require the woman to use a hormonal birth control
  • No Rx required
  • Can be inserted up to 8 hours prior to use
  • Better with lubricants (we have that too)!
  • Can be inserted by a partner or the wearer
  • Allows the woman to be involved in the protection against STIs and pregnancy
Want to give it a whirl?  Come by the CHEW office in Levering or look for a Hump Day table with PEEPs to score one for yourself!  And be on the lookout- researchers are working on making different versions right now... imagine the possibilities.