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Weekend Sip Tip: Myth or fact?


When it comes to drinking alcohol, it's often said "beer before liquor, never been sicker".  And people are always curious to know if this is true.  The answer is...not really.  It's more complicated than the phrase of caution would have many of us believe.

The route of the phrase is concerned with the dangers of mixing alcohol types and in what order.  The concern here being is if someone drinks liquor after consuming beer they are doomed for a night of bonding with the toilet.  Research has found that while carbonated drinks, such as beer, can irritate the stomach lining it does not have a noticeable impact on drinkers and their likeliness to feel sicker if consuming liquor post-carbonated drink.

The real driving force behind the "never been sicker" feeling is the actual amount of alcohol being consumed in the given time frame.  Simply put, the more alcohol consumed, the worse a person is likely to feel.  To avoid this worry, try sticking to one type of drink instead of mixing beverages and keep track of the number of drinks consumed to avoid the sick feeling and stay in the blue zone.  Approximately 1 drink an hour should keep someone in the Blue zone and still produce that buzzed sensation.  Once there, remember to stop@buzzed.