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Weekend Sip Tip: Emotion Check

Coming back to campus after being away for intersession can be a mix of emotions.  While you get to see roommates, close friends, and classmates after weeks of being apart, you also have to transition back to the Hopkins life- and do so quickly.  The quick turn-around can sometimes be difficult to deal with, and for some, they may choose to drink as a coping mechanism.  Perhaps to help them forget about what's bothering them or stressing them out, but doing so may lead to a few set backs for them.

In a number of longitudinal studies from the University of Texas, researchers found that alcohol use as a coping strategy for stress was a precursor to long-term alcohol use and abuse.  It was also found that those who were more inclined to cope by drinking were more likely to exhibit depressive symptoms and drinking problems.  If alcohol is a coping method for you or a friend, consider talking to someone at the Counseling Center about it.

If you are thinking about drinking this weekend, keep in mind some safer drinking tips such as, eating before, during, and after drinking, alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and keep track of how much you're consuming.  And remember, if you choose to drink to stop@buzzed.  You can still feel the euphoric effects you may be looking for without turning into "That Guy" or "That Girl" for the night.