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SEE for Yourself: Sleep Well


SEE Tip: As we head into the tough weeks of the semester, how much sleep are you getting nightly?  Have you pulled any all-nighters?  Ever wonder what that does to your body?  What about to your mind?  Check out this video on why we sleep and how long we, as humans, can really go without...

HKB Quit Tip: If you're a smoker, did you know you may be more prone to those dark circles and bags under your eyes than non-smokers?  The reason is as a smoker, it is harder to get a restful night's sleep with the nicotine withdrawal interrupting your sleep cycle.  Want to quit, but not sure how to deal with the addiction?  Try talking to a cessation counselor on the MD Quit line and ask about cessation products that can make quitting easier than going it alone.

Mellow Out Monday:  Feeling tired, achy, anxious, or depressed?  A 2001 study from the University of Miami found that massages reduce these feelings and can help people improve their sleep and better manage their physical and mental health.  Interested in getting a jump start in one or more of those areas?  Try stopping by the MSE Library tonight for a Stressbusters back rub from 8-10pm on Q-level.  A night of sleeping soundly could be in  your future!