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SEE for Yourself Monday!


SEE for Yourself Tip: Perhaps you've heard about the USDA's MyPlate, a replacement to the age-old Food Pyramid.  While the shapes are different, the themes remain the same.  A healthy diet should contain mostly fruits and vegetables, with grains, proteins, and dairy to fulfill the other vitamin and mineral needs.  If you were to create your own "My Plate" or "My Pyramid", what would it look like?  Come tell the PEEPs in Levering (outside of the Levering Dining Hall) from 1-3pm today!

HKB Quit Tip: Want to quit smoking, but love the taste too much?  Try tricking your taste buds by eating better!  A Duke University study found that foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy make cigarettes taste gross to smokers.  If you're an ex-smoker and want to stay that way, try having a glass of milk in the morning instead of coffee to reduce the cigarette craving.  Your body will thank you for the health boost!

Mellow Out Monday: Trying to figure out a good way to start off your Valentine's Day?  Single or taken, why not check out Mellow Out Monday with Stressbusters on Q-level in the Library for a stress-free start to your V-day?  Bring your partner to show you care or go solo and perhaps you'll meet someone in line!  Stressbusters will be there to melt the stress away with a 5-7 minute back rub from 8pm-10pm tonight!