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SEE for Yourself


SEE Tip: SEE for Yourself on Mondays is back this Spring reminding you to get your zzz's, eat with nutrition in mind, and keep yourself active throughout the week.

Quit Tip: Quitting isn't always easy, but it can made easier with a little help.  Did you know the Student Health and Wellness Center offers smoking cessation products at no cost to those with student health insurance?  And if you aren't on the campus insurance plan, you can still get a prescription there, or try calling the MD Quit line at 800-QUIT-NOW for additional help and resources.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Mellow Out Monday will resume on February 6th from 8-10 pm on Q-level. We give good rub and so can you! We are currently accepting applications to become part of Stressbusters. Interested? Click here. Once we receive your application we'll contact you to schedule an interview. Training will occur in early March.