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Sip Tip: Avoid the Wheel


If you choose to drink while on campus you may have many options for getting back safely, such as walking with a group of friends, calling for a shuttle or cab, or crashing at a friend's place.  But if you're leaving campus for winter break, you're environment will be changing which means your options will change. 

The holiday season is a peak time for drunk driving as hospital emergency rooms can attest. Due to the increase in parties, reunions with high school friends and family, time spent without academics, and a lack of planning ahead- drunk driving seems to sky rocket.  Alcohol related traffic collisions are actually the leading cause of death in 2-33 year olds.  

Instead of adding to the statistic this winter if you choose to drink, think about what options you have in your new location.  Take a cab. Volunteer to be the Designated Driver.  Ask a sibling (or a friend's sibling) to pick you up.  Keep yourself safe this winter break- we want to see you back here in January!