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Sip Tip: Alcohol + Finals = Lower Grades

Alcohol + Finals = Lower Grades

Seems like a no brainer.  Drinking during finals week may land some with lower grades than they would normally earn.  A study from the US Air Force found this experience to be true, especially for those high achievers out there.  Students who normally achieve high academic honors and chose to consume alcohol saw a significant difference in their final grade.

Why are some students drinking during this crucial time in their academics?  It could be a number of reasons, they don't want to miss the party, they are looking for a way to relieve the stress, they don't want to think about the exam they have, etc.  While these reasons can feel like enough of an excuse are there other things that can be done instead?  Here are some ideas if you are someone that drinks and you're considering it during finals week:

If you don't want to miss the party- you could still go, but choose not to drink or choose to stop@buzzed.  By stopping at buzzed you can feel the positive effects of the alcohol, but miss out on the more negative and longer lasting ones that can affect your studying and test taking abilities.  In either case, you are able to be with friends and take a break from studying.

If you need a way to relieve some stress, try going for a walk outside and breathing in some fresh air.  Sometimes a change of environment can help clear your head and leave you feeling refreshed and de-stressed.  Or you could try taking a shower, getting a back rub, etc.  There are many other ways to relieve stress that don't require a solo cup.

If you just don't want to think about your upcoming exam for a while, try calling a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and catch up.  Or give yourself a break and hit the gym for a while to work out.  Taking your mind off something for a little while isn't bad, but avoiding it through alcohol won't make it go away.  Eventually you'll have to face it, and why not be fresh minded when you're ready to deal with it, right?

Good luck during finals week and remember to stop@buzzed if you choose to drink.

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